Equine massage is the therapeutic application of massage techniques developed and used for human athletes, applied to horses. Equine massage has been credited with increasing performance level, competitiveness and endurance. It is used in help injured muscles heal and healthy muscles to stay flexible and pain free.

Indicators of problems can be . . .

• Bucking
• Refusing to pick up the correct lead
• Head Tossing
• Difficulty with lateral movements
• Girthing problems
• Attitude changes
• Off for no apparent reason . . . to name a few

As all horses are athletes . . . massage therapy can be just as beneficial to a trail horse as well as a performance horse.

Olivia received certification or the title of Equine Massage Therapist from Meredith Manor in May of 2009. Olivia would love discuss the possibilities and/or benefits for you and your horse. A typical session lasts for at least one hour and is $45 per session. An additional charge for mileage to your farm will be added at 30 cent per mile. Multiple sessions or multiple horse massages can be scheduled at a reduced rate.

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